Why Bloggers Should Embrace Chatbots

Technology is meant to help us better perform our tasks and chatbots are a technology that can help bloggers stay ahead of the pack. Chatbots from companies like Convertobot are drastically changing the blogosphere.

Chatbots are pieces of software powered by Artificial Intelligence designed to simulate textual conversation with another human. Not only can you use the chatbots to perform mundane tasks you ordinarily would not like but they can be used for so much more.

Blogging today requires a lot more than it previously did. Bloggers have to engage and interact with readers, network with other bloggers and advertise all at the same time.

If you decide to build your own chatbot or purchase one, the following reasons should prove enough to get you started and going:

Personalized and Aesthetically Pleasing Content

When you are a blogger, getting your voice heard is one of your most crucial tasks. Chatbots are by a large margin, the most efficient way to present content in conversation.

You can use a chatbot to alter the packaging of your content whether it be text, pictures, videos or documents. The chatbot can collect information on all users and present content to users in the version they most prefer.

Chatbots can also initiate and continue to have seamless conversations with users. The bot can then ask them what they are looking for at the appropriate moment and present them with relevant information in a matter of seconds.

Convert Your Audience Into Customers

Building a substantial network of subscribers through the myriad of social media and online channels is the dream of many bloggers. Convert prospective users into customers and subscribers is the difficult part.

Enter chatbots. They make the entire process extremely easy and stress free for bloggers. Chatbots will first interact with visitors to your site and collect information about them simultaneously. A customer will then tell the bot what they are looking for which gives the bot the opportunity to present goods and services in a way that is very organic and unsaleslike.

To state it simply, a chatbot is like a customer relationship manager who knows everything about every customer and offers products and services as such.

Audience Engagement

If you are a blogger, you typically have 15 seconds to make an impression on a visitor. That is a very short time by any standard.

Chatbots are able to increase audience engagement time by doing what they were designed to do…chat. A chatbot on your landing page will not only increase visitor session durations but also reduce the amount of bounce rates.

Better yet, they can engage with multiple visitors simultaneously while still making the interaction feel organic.

Increased Promotion

Without promotion, your blog may have quality content but still have the same puny number of visitors. Chatbots allow you to promote goods and services to your audience in one go.

As far as bulk promotions are concerned, chatbots are better than social media campaigns or event pages. Furthermore, they allow you to promote your goods or service in a conversational tone. You just cannot beat that.