What Are In-App Purchases And Their Different Types?

In-app purchases are the best to keep your customers completely engaged. Also, to provide you with the best example. How would you feel when you are getting an amazing product at a very less price with the main product? Amazing right? 

So, in-app purchases mean that the user or the customers are going to pay for the extra features. These also come with various functionalities while using the applications. You might have come across this option much time while purchasing the application. Once you get the hang of these special features. You are instantly notified to activate in app purchases on your mobile settings.

The in-app purchases are broadly categorized into four different categories. The in-app purchases are mostly found in games, music, and educational applications.

Four Different Types Of In-App Purchases

  • Consumable In-App Purchases

The consumables in-app purchases are used as the game currency for mobile games. These are mostly applicable for mobile games only. Also, these tend to be very popular when the games are free to install and download. But still, come with in-app purchases. 

  • Non-Consumable In-App Purchases

The non-consumables in-app purchases are quite different. These are functionalities that unlock different features of your application. Also, these are permanent additions to the applications. One of the best type of examples this is that your dating app may provide you with limited swipes. But with the premium version, you can have access to unlimited swipes. 

  • Auto-Renewable In-App Purchases

These in-app purchases grant access to services. And also the updated features of the particular application. The auto-renewable in-app purchases are directly renewed in the customer’s account. These are paid types of in-app purchases. The best example for this is Netflix, prime and Hotstar premium.

  • Non-Renewable In-App Purchases

These types of app purchases offer very limited access to content to the users. Also, these are rewed, unlike the auto-renewable in-app purchases. The features offered in this app purchase. Are very much like consumable in-app purchases. And can also be used across various devices.

These are the best types of in-app purchases that are available worldwide. Thus, make sure to go through the entire description of games while downloading. Once done make sure to also check on the details of the in-app purchases for better performance.