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Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply which are popular in the Market

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. They provide uninterrupted electricity to any electrical devices attached. It is not certainly dated when the uninterruptible power supply was invented. John Hanley patented the first made uninterruptible power supply.

These are widely used. Starting from households to big industries, these have their uses everywhere. They provide battery backup for more than 10 mins. A 150 watts uninterruptible power supply can provide battery backup for about 10- 15 mins.

These are mainly of three types –

  • Online double-conversion
  • Offline-standby
  • Line-interactive

Online double conversion –

In an online double conversion, electronic devices do not get power directly from the outlet. The electricity passes through a rectifier.

Then the DC current charges the battery. In the time of any power supply disturbances, the inverter converts the DC current into 120 volts, 60-hertz alternating current. It is then supplied to the electronic devices. It provides devices with a clean energy source to run.

Offline-standby –

Offline standby uninterruptible power supply is based on the basic design. They also work on the same principle as the other uninterruptible power supply. In a standby uninterruptible power supply, the battery and the inverter remain docile until some power irregularities.

They are used in small devices and provide power back up for a short period of time. These are used for domestic uses and small business. These are cheap and compact.

Line-interactive –

These types of uninterruptible power supply can automatically regulate voltages. They are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. They will respond in case of high or low voltage. The first line of power is the source of these kinds of uninterruptible power supply.

During the whole process, the battery in the unit also gets charged. In the time of any power irregularities, the inverter will convert the DC current into AC current for the devices to run.

An uninterruptible power supply life depends on the battery. A good battery can let the uninterruptible power supply to run for years. It is also important to maintain battery life for long term use.

Environment, discharges, and quality of power also play an important role in deciding the uninterruptible power supply life.