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Top Reasons about Losing Instagram Followers and How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Many users of Instagram have a problem that they are keeping losing the Instagram followers but they don’t know the correct and genuine reasons behind the loss of Instagram followers. So in this article, we are going to tell you the main reasons for losing the Instagram followersand tell you how to get free Instagram followers and likes quickly and easily with GetInsta.

Firstly, let’s talk about the reasons why you may lose the Instagram followers.

Use the Black Hat Method

Whenever you see that your Instagram followers are decreasing automatically daily, and then first you need to check out whether you are using some automated tools that violate the policy and rules of Instagram such as spam comments on your posts and some other spammy practices. If you seeing that these kinds of things are happening in your account, then your account will get noticed by Instagram and Instagram will make them limited.You can buy real instagram followers here.

Oversell of products and services by posting the same content, again and again, will cause a drastic loss in the follower’s base of Instagram

If you’re running an Instagram account for your brand and business to sell your product and services, you need to promote your product or service to followers.But if you doing over posting the same content and try to oversell the product and service of your business with constant promotion of your product will result in you to lose your Instagram followers. Because of these things, your free Instagram followers will quickly become bored and you start losing your followers daily.

Posting Low-quality Images

Posting low-quality photos will also affect your followers. If you are posting blur images then the audience will never like those once and they will immediately start unfollowing you. Therefore, if you want to get more organic and free Instagram followers then you need to be a more professional Instagram user, take the time to select your images, edit it, and post all of your content in high-quality.

Your Post is no longer relevant to you Instagram followers

The reason of losing the Instagram followers which get by free Instagram followers and from the best Instagram followers app, but the truth is that the valid content you posted on your account or even last month may your posted something about your product or services are no longer be relevant to your followers at this moment. This is the bad sign ofyour business or brand in the long run. Your post needs to be consistent and you should always follow your plan before posting about your product.

Buy fake bots Instagram Followers

Buying bots or fake Instagram followers will increase the follower base of your account but in the long run, they will harm your profile and get the risk of getting hacked. So that’s why you start losing those free Instagram which you get it by in a legit and organic way.

Now let’s talk about how to get free Instagram followers instantly with GetInsta.

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