Top 4 SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

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Search engines like Google give internet users one of the ultimate gifts anyone can have – results. However, not many people realize this. Anytime you search the web, and you find the best results fast and easy, you instantly feel happier and accomplished, just because search engines gave you the answers you were looking for.

This is the reason why SEO trends tend to change. Search engines make sure to do everything they can to provide outstanding service by providing users with the most related and useful information. Your seo consultant needs to be updated with the latest trends to keep a good ranking position and maintain visibility in search engines.

Now that 2019 is here, it’s time we learn the top 4 SEO trends that are sure to win you more traffic and convertibles.

Mobile-First Index and Mobile Speed Update

Mobile-friendly websites are getting all the special treatment lately, and it won’t stop anytime soon. In fact, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would be given priority in SERPs which means it’s time to step up your game.

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However, it’s important to note that your site’s loading speed is another factor to consider. This only means digital marketers need to make sure their sites are fast loading, responsive, user-friendly and is “mobile first.”

Blogger Outreach

For businesses engaged with blogging, you already know that producing useful, unique and engaging contents is vital for your campaign. However, you should maximize your marketing efforts by working with bloggers related to your niche.

By incorporating blogger outreach with your digital marketing campaign, you can build winning partnerships, quickly reach your target audience, improve brand awareness, give value to your audience and increase conversions. Taking advantage of the different blogger outreach tools and making comparisons to know the pros and cons of pitchbox vs buzzstream, for example, will lead you to discover which ones can help you achieve your goal.

Secure Socket Layer

Internet users demand website security now more than ever, which means you need to make sure your site has an SSL certificate. A Secure Socket Layer is a type of website security that certifies your website is authentic and safe to use and access. An SSL-certified website will have the green padlock icon next to the site’s URL.

An SSL Certificate offers tons of benefits. For one, it protects server-client communication and authenticates your identity. Having the green padlock icon tells your site visitors your site is legit and that any information exchanged is encrypted thus improving customer trust. SSL also help you rank better in SERPs and avoid getting punished by Google.

Video Marketing

No one can deny that the most trending contents nowadays are videos. Entrepreneurs took notice of this and are now into video marketing.

Having video contents can help introduce your brand, connect with your audience and boost up conversions. The statistics gathered by Forbes is more than enough reason to get you started with your video marketing campaign. With the predicted internet traffic for videos this year amounting to 80%, it only makes sense to benefit from video contents asap.