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Things You Should Know About Grinding Machines

In today’s technological sphere, there is a broad spectrum of machines and creations that have the ultimate role to simplify the process of production.

These technological innovations represent the backbone of every manufacturing formula and can improve the overall production process. One notable concept that is gaining popularity of the technological market is the grinding machines by the reputable Strojimport.

This manufacturer offers a variety of grinding machine models that can optimize the internal and external grinding and can be utilized for single part production or high volume manufacturing. Moreover, they are designed for the grinding of gear parts, cutting tools, bearings, non-round discs and hydraulic components.

The Strojimport grinding machines represent a unique innovation on the market as they have a standardized set of machine specifications. For example, the BDU 300/1500 CNC model has a set diameter grinding of 10 ÷ 300. The second notable specification is closely related with the length of grinding. The Strojimport grinding machines have different specification regarding this element. For example, the above mentioned BDU 300/1500 CNC is set on a 500 mm combined with a length of the ground part at 1500 mm. This means that this grinding machine is ideal to finish workpieces that must show high surface quality and high accuracy of shape and dimension. In other words, the Strojimport grinding machines are the perfect tool for a delicate and high precision work.

Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when looking at grinding machines is the number of axes. To be more specific, the number of axes that a CNC machine represents the element that will determine the extent machine’s overall capabilities. A CNC machine that has two axes can only cut in two directions. However, the Strojimport BDU 300/1500 CNC model has 4+1 axes installed. This can have a galvanizing effect on the production process as it can enable the manufactures to produce more precise and 3D implements.

The maximum speed in revolutions per minute (rpm) on these revolutionary machines differs as it is adapted to the wheel and the other specifications of the grinding machine. For example, the BDU 300/1500 CNC model speed in revolutions per minute is set at 600 and it is marked on the wheel.

The overall weight of the grinding machines also differs and it is based on the model and the various specifications variables. The BDU 300/1500 CNC machine weights approximately 15000 kg and it is designed on the electric input of 37 kVA.

The general recommendation for every potential user is to take a more detailed look at the different grinding machine models in order to determine which concept is the best suitable for his own manufacturing process.

On a final note, we can conclude that the grinding machines are one of the most advanced innovations in the sphere of technology and production. The Strojimport grinding machines can finish any workpieces with a high surface quality level and high accuracy of shape and dimension. That is why these machines are the future for every dedicated manufacturer on the market.