Things You Need To Make A Real Lightsaber Plasma

Star Wars is seeing an unprecedented rebirth and with it is a wave of new technology allowing fans of all ages to carry a real lightsaber plasma like the Jedi and Sith of old. A custom-built lightsaber will attract tons of attention during Star Wars Celebration, will entertain the neighbors and is the perfect component towards any Jedi/Sith Star Wars cosplay. But to ensure you’re wielding the real deal, it’s best to have these four things in your custom made real lightsaber plasma blade.

The Pommel

Often referred to as the base of the hilt, a pommel typically is used to hook a lightsaber to one’s belt (or in the case of Count Dooku, via magnetic properties). The pommel would also serve as a backup power source and is a major component towards having a balanced real lightsaber, along with the hilt.

The Real Lightsaber Plasma Hilt

Housing all the internal components while projecting artistic design and functionality, the hilt of a lightsaber defines the user. Grip and balance are important when determining a hilt’s size, design, and accessories. Each hilt is unique, whether it be curved like Ahsoka Tano’s, double-bladed like Darth Maul’s, or long and elegant like Luke Skywalker’s blade in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Choosing the proper hilt is the starting point towards building your own personal lightsaber.

The Emitter

The emitter sometimes gets lumped together with the hilt, but in truth, is a separate part which allows the lightsaber to project its plasma ray outwards. Emitters also can have accessories attached to them like claws or blades (typically used by Sith), giving them a multifunction. An emitter also was used to control the flow of plasma coming out of the hilt, or in the case of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, a lack of emitters. It is also used to adjust the length of a blade, whether it be single or double, allowing the user to customize its length towards their skill and comfort level.

Lightsaber Accessories

A real lightsaber plasma isn’t the same without accessories like couplings and vents to give it that exact look from the movies. Accessories are all about the user’s taste and specifications, giving each lightsaber a specific custom look unlike any other. But it isn’t just about fashion. The vents are used to control the plasma emitting from the hilt, and additionally, blades and hooks are added as an intimidation factor while also being practical in close combat scenarios.