The Functions of Smart Watch

Many consumers have a question: What functions do smart watches have? There are many uses for smart watch. A few years ago, the smart watch wasn’t as advanced as it is now. There were not many companies in the world making smart watches. With the development of technology, people pay more attentions to health and sports. The ancillary products of sports are more and more popular.

First, smart watch can detect heart rate. Many people don’t know the use of monitoring heart rate. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. When there was no smart watch, people did not detect heart rate. It doesn’t matter. With the development of science, people’s ideas should also progress. Exercise also requires scientific testing and planning. In this way can we become healthier than before.

Second, nice smart watches can become accessories. People can dress themselves up with smart watch. It can match their clothes.

Third, you can wear a smart watch at work if you’re worried that phone’s ringing will disturb peers. The smart watch vibrates when the phone receives a message or a call. It won’t affect anyone and you won’t miss a call. The vibration of the smart watch is gentle, without any discomfort. HUAWEI’s latest HUAWEI Band 5 can dial from a tiny phone book on it. It’s easier for users to operate.

Fourth, the smart watch can find your phone. Sometimes you are too busy and can’t find the phone. Smart watch can help you by letting your phone ring. Help you find it quickly.

Fifth, one of the most practical functions is to provide time and alarm.

Sixth, the smart watch can monitor your exercise status. If the user sits for a long time, the smart watch will remind them to get up. Being sedentary can lead to weight gain.

The seventh point is step counting function. Many users buy smart watch just to count their steps. The smart watch can record user’s daily steps, running distance and target completion rate. It can convert the user’s daily exercise into calories consumed. This is of great significance to the analysis of users’ sports.

These are the functions of the mainstream smart watch on the market. Smart watch can improve people’s attention to their health. For sports lovers, it helps them to have a clearer understanding of their bodies.

Avi Ben Ezra
Avi Ben Ezra is a world-renowned researcher in AI, NLP and Chatbot technology. He is the CTO of a leading chatbot platform, with a solid track record of innovation in France, Israel he now provides global leadership in this field. At SnatchBot, he oversees all levels of integration, including a very exciting and innovative marketplace.