Successfully Using Facebook to Promote Your Church

At the dawn of the 21st century, it was evident that this would be a period filled with immense technological advance. Since Y2K, millions of technological advances have been made and the world has truly seen a vast change in the way in which almost everything is done. From driverless cars to the entire population walking around with smartphones in their pockets, the 21st century has certainly seen some serious technological increases throughout a myriad of industries. One of the main technological advances of the last decade that has affected almost everything in society is social media. Social media has completely altered the way in which people interact, businesses garner clients, and so much more.

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While there are many different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and more, one the most popular and ubiquitous is Facebook. Facebook, which was created in 2004, has taken off immensely since its inception. A large portion of the world’s populace is on Facebook and any business that wants to stay relevant needs to have a Facebook account as well. Facebook can be used for an innumerable amount of purposes, and it is necessary for all establishments to survive, including churches. Churches, which are often seen as out of the loop in our ever-advancing technological world, need Facebook accounts in order to stay relevant in the 21st century. There are many ways in which churches can use Facebook to successfully promote themselves. Read below to find out a few helpful tips on how to do this:

 Promote Church Events

One of the most important ways in which a church can use Facebook is by promoting events. The person in charge of running the church’s Facebook account should use the page’s calendar function to post about events that the church is running and create event pages. This will allow people to respond and say if they can make it or not, which can help the church gauge parishioners’ interest. You can also utilize the events section to post photos of the event after it is over – something that all people love!

Encourage Donation

Another excellent way that churches can use their Facebook accounts is by encouraging donation. Oftentimes it can be a little awkward for church leaders and staff to call up parishioners asking for donations, and oftentimes the donation plate at the end of services does not garner enough money to make a real difference. This is why getting donations from people is so imperative to churches! You can use the church’s Facebook page to ask followers for donations online (or in-person). You can allow them the option to either choose to donate to general church purposes, or for specific entities like church repairs, new church chairs, church decorations, or anything else!

Final Thoughts

The 21st century has seen some immense technological advances, and social media giants like Facebook are one of the main additions to our world. Facebook can be used for a myriad of purposes and utilizing this social media platform to aid churches is one of its important uses. When using Facebook to successfully promote your church, as long as you remember to promote church events and encourage donation, you are sure to achieve greatness in no time at all!