Secure and anonymous messaging is possible with privnote

Online communication is more sensitive than ever in today’s digital age. Online conversations are becoming increasingly private due to the increasing frequency of data breaches and surveillance.

  • All Privnotes are protected with AES-256-bit encryption, the same standard as banks and governments. It prevents snooping or interception.
  • Privnotes expire after being read once, either automatically after a set time limit or manually on command. The user chooses expiration times between 1 minute and 1 week.
  • Privnote does not store any record of the messages, links, or users on their servers. All data expires.
  • No accounts or personal details are required to use Privnote. The service can be used anonymously.
  • Privnote is only accessible through HTTPS secure connections for end-to-end encrypted transmissions.
  • Users attach images, audio clips, and other files up to 10MB to Privnotes. These messages are also erased.
  • Privnotes PIN protected for an additional layer of security if needed.
  • Recipients cannot forward, copy, or print the Privnote message, preventing unauthorized sharing.

Privnote is designed from the ground up to enable private and secure communication that leaves no trace. It is therefore suitable for whistleblowers, companies, personal relationships, and other sensitive situations requiring confidentiality.

  • True message deletion – With Privnote, messages truly vanish after reading. There’s no server record or way to retrieve them. Other apps may claim messages disappear but often retain data.
  • No metadata tracking – No accounts, no metadata are collected about users or messages in Privnote. No identities, timestamps, networks, locations, etc.
  • Minimizes human error – Recipients can’t accidentally store or forward your messages. Privnote’s protections work even against mistakes.
  • Simple and convenient – Getting started with Privnote takes seconds. Just visit their website, type a message, and share the link. No accounts or apps are required.
  • Works anywhere – Privnote works on any device with a web browser, with no downloads or installations necessary.
  • Auditability – The open source codebase of Privnote allows anyone to audit its security and confirm there are no logs or backdoors.
  • Legal protection – Privnote’s message deletion gives you legal protections and plausible deniability if pressured to hand over communications.

For anyone seeking air-tight privacy and confidentiality, Privnote ticks all the right boxes. The automatic, guaranteed deletion of all privatemessage data is a key benefit that differs from other options.

  1. Go to the website and type or paste your message into the text field. You also attach images, audio, and other files.
  2. Customize the expiration time for automatic deletion, anywhere from 1 minute up to 1 week. Or leave the default setting.
  3. Click “Create Privnote” to generate your secure message link.
  4. Copy the URL and send it to the intended recipient via any platform.
  5. The recipient opens the link to view your message anonymously. No login is required.
  6. After reading, the message deletes itself from Privnote’s servers, leaving no trace.

Neither party needs to create an account or provide any identifying details. The messages exist in encrypted form for the duration chosen, then vanish permanently. Privnote cannot access, store, or view your deleted messages. For added security, Privnote allows you to password-protect messages with a PIN. Recipients would need this PIN to unlock and view the content. You also disable options like forwarding and printing to maximize control.