Tech Updates

Ocean Maid Service and Robotic Technology


Companies that offer Boca Raton home cleaning services have been on the look for ways that they can make their services more efficient and safer for their employees. Ocean Maid Service is one such company and it has landed on robotic technology. It employs the services of the WinbotWIndow Cleaning Technology, one example of the cutting edge pieces of technology in the cleaning business.

In most cases where there are windows that need cleaning, cleaners will arrive with ladders and squeegees and spend a great deal of time working on high windows. Extremely high windows are rarely attended to, if cleaned at all. Ocean Maid Service changed this by incorporating the Winbot Technology into their cleaning services and this has improved their services tremendously.

By using the cleaning machines, they have made it effective to clean windows as the machines are known for clinging to a window and cleaning it effectively. They have also spiked their safety levels. This is because it helps keep the cleaners from having to use ladders for window cleaning, especially in high places, and this has exempted them from cases of injuries. This also means that they can reach areas that earlier on would have been avoided. In addition to these perks, the robotic technology also saves on time. Jobs that would have taken a considerable amount of time to get done now use up less than half that time. This means that it allows the maid service to get to many clients within a day and still manage to do a satisfactory job. It also means that the client can have their windows done quickly and free them up to attend to other issues.

The Winbot Technology also has a variety of advanced features which allow the cleaning service to achieve better cleans. The gadget has a SMART DRIVE CLEANING system and also has the ability to find its way around corners which makes it one of the best cleaning aids. The fact that it can be used on various windows means many will benefit from its services.

Apart from seeking the services of the Winbot, Ocean Maid Service also has maids who perform cleaning services in one’s home. The maids are experienced in handling all sorts of fabrics and surfaces. This means you’ll be free from worrying about amateur mistakes.

Maid services that employ the services of both technology and workers are some of the most efficient in the industry and Ocean Maid Service is living proof to this. Try out their Boca Raton maid services and be among their satisfied customers.