Key Digital and Web Design Trends

Modern technology have led to constant changes in design tactics which influence preferences and trends. It is thus a challenge for enterprises to keep up to the needs of user experience amidst trends. Understanding the trends of 2017 would allow people responsible for web design to be better prepared for 2018.

1) Hidden Navigation

Hidden and expandable navigation menus are increasingly put in place in websites to allow for users to view content easily from their mobile phones. However, this may render poorlyfor desktop users. In fact, many hidden navigation menus have been more difficult to find in desktop as compared to accessing them via mobile devices. Conversely, visible navigation does not call for action to view certain information, and could be easily seen with a glance. Thus, time taken to navigate and complete searches is a factor that one must consider.

However, hidden navigation creates a simplistic view that is easy on the eye with a perceived spaciousness in the website. Nevertheless, upon developing such menus, one must ensure that it is not difficult to find and easily accessible. Such flexibility allows users to focus on a given content and not waste attention on other information if it is portrayed in the traditional manner whereby everything is cluttered and portrayed. Therefore, it is important to have these considerations in mind when deciding to put hidden navigation menus on a website.

2) Colour

The use of colour has been constantly changing with a year involving bright colours and another year involving flat colours employed by web designers. In 2018, colours of a lighter tone are increasingly being used so as not to overwhelm users and contribute to a simple yet appealing view of the website. This is apparent in the wordpressplatform, alongside other platforms. It is also vital to ensure that the appropriate colour schemes are employed to make it more palatable for users.

3) Split/Stacked Screens 

A split-screen approach may be handy for designers. This is especially useful if you have two similarly related products or services to promote. Users can compare and contrast between two of them and make a choice after attention has been given to them. Additionally, users may visually connect between contrasting products and/or services and connect them together whenever one of them is being brought to mind. Split screens also allows for many design combinations. Finally, split screens can also easily portray one message and one action that is to be called for regarding the former.

4) Now Is The Next Trend

As trends are constantly shaped by designers and users, it is hard to exactly predict what will be the next established trend. Web design is a competitive area that companies are investing in to thrive and promote their products and services. As designers’ skills and opportunities are constantly growing, it is important to find the right web design Singapore company to develop compelling content for your own business and organisation.