IT, OT & ICS Security in Organizations

IT is essentially any system that stores, processes and secures data that is electronically based. Any data on devices that store information is related to IT. OT is related to industries that are linked to manufacturing and have industrial control systems as a means of supervisory control as well as data acquisition.


IT, OT and ICS have been running as separate groups of networks that are solo and each have their own different needs and aims however in recent years this has changed.

When data is not secure and a network is compromised it has a negative effect on companies and can lead to loss of data. That is why it is useful to look into inviting third-party organizations to protect your data, such as Cyberbit who service security for organizational networks and additionally have Cyber Range services for added protection and training.

OT is based around controlling and maintaining processes that are more practically impacted, for example, environments that consist of manufacturing heavy materials that are used in homes. With new developments, the physical environments are converging with the digital market and organizations of sorts are integrating various forms of communications digitally and also applying systems.

Some of the devices being used that include IOT, OT are smart meters and monitoring systems.  In past times industrial systems such as medical devices, lighting on street and other systems were not in the same boat as IT and now times of changes.


These days IT security is a vital part of organizations in terms of integrating security systems and procedures into their strategy to ensure their data is protected and secure. Most organizations take data protection seriously and discovering new platforms for enhanced security is always a wise turn to take to protect data and develop security resolutions.

The convergence of IT, OT and IOT is becoming a real thing in this day and age and the connection of these movements is setting in. Many threats against data can be tricky to solve and with the convergence, it will be accurate to prevent such attacks on data in organizations.

If an attack is carried out and targets OT or any other systems then there is a drastic change in the infrastructure and systems can be impacted greatly, resulting in loss of data and also services, especially if the attack leaks into other devices portable and desktop. Furthermore, it these attacks are taking over system there is a risk of losing customer base and daily operations are compromised as result. If IT issues are not correctly identified to measure and track the risk overall organizations can face drastic consequences.

There are challenges in these systems and if there is a lack of security knowledge within organizations it will be harder to avoid risks to security and prevent loss of data and organizations stability. Outsourcing security enables a service that is often reliable and able to detect attacks and threats much quicker than internal IT departments that could easily overlook threats that reap the systems.