Importance & Benefits of Building an Email List

According to latest marketing statistics, building an email list is fast becoming crucial for your business. With social media assuming such large importance, many undermine the power of an email campaign and email list. Here, we present persuasive arguments that would enlighten you on the benefits of building an email list.

What is an email list?

An email list is nothing but a list of names and emails of those persons who have given you permission to send them a newsletter, promotions, and updates regarding your business to them via email. There are numerous companies like Optinmonster who prove really beneficial in helping you build your email list and exploit it to the hilt.

Importance of email list

Regardless of the type of business, your key to success is remaining connected to your existing as well as potential clients in a reliable and consistent manner. Email lists supersede even the social media as you have all the control over this and you can ensure direct and consistent contact. This may not be possible with social media as you do not have any control over it. This argument highlights the benefits of building and expanding your email list. They can drastically improve your potential and ROI. A study by Direct Marketing Association revealed that email lists and email marketing yield ten times higher conversions than social media campaigns.

Benefits of email list

Building an email list and executing email campaigns yield numerous benefits to you. We list some top benefits offered by using the email communication channel via the email list. Few of them are:-

Email is personal

With an email, you are sending all information right into the potential customer’s inbox. With no ranking system or other similar constraints limiting your search, you get enormous reach in maintaining a very direct, personal yet casual touch with your customers. The email list facilitates this to the tee.

Email is purposeful

Your email list consists of all those email addresses whose users have agreed to be on your email list by confirming their email list. This confirmation gives you the certainty that they are interested in hearing from you. Thus, they are likely to be highly receptive to your message, and you have a higher chance of making a sale.

Email is targeted

Since all the users in your email list have already confirmed their interest in hearing about your products and services, you become well aware of their preferences. This means you can deliver them highly relevant content and offers to drive better business and success. This entire process is known as segmentation.

You own your email list

You have no control over various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google. These social media platforms can change their policies without any notice to you that can make your social media campaigns and SEO efforts go down the drain. In contrast, you are the exclusive owner of your email list, and you can use it to your best advantage without getting influenced by decisions of other businesses.

Thus, we can safely conclude that the email list is the key that can truly transform your business.