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How to get more followers quickly on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Getting real followers is important for all brands: especially to run strong social media marketing campaigns. The difference between having real followers as compared to bots is that they are the ones who will love, share and also be willing to engage, helping to make the brand popular.

Strong social media presence is desirable: all the older brands have it – and new brands want it badly. For every single brand the number of their followers is an important boost for all their campaigns, where the goal is to get followers to share and interact.

Suggested: How to get more social media followers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

Why is the number of followers on social media important? 

Many perceive follower count to be nothing more than an egocentric metric, but this is far from the truth. Followers show a lot about a brand because they demonstrate that they trust it, giving others the message that they can have confidence in the brand. The rewards of a large following can be seen in other metrics too and some social media platforms also offer rewards when a certain number of followers are reached e.g., Instagram allows “swipe up’s to be placed in links for more than 10,000 followers. 

Since we have concluded that followers are important to brands we need to see if there are ways for them to get more of them. 

At FAMOID they specialize in attracting followers to social media platforms, and have done so for thousands of brands since our inception. 

5 Important strategies to attract followers on Social Media Accounts


  • Owned channel promotions


 Even though social media is where all the action takes place, owned channels are a great place to start with promotions. Blogs, websites and emails are valuable weapons and can be used to encourage their readers to go to a social media page through prompting buttons and the embedding of content. 


  • Catchy social media profiles that are informative


It’s important that profiles on social media are complete with a picture, custom header image, helpful description and a nicely designed feed of content. Even though these are all great, they mean nothing without followers, since people like to follow accounts that have plenty of them already. FAMOID is one of the best tools around to help boost the amount of followers of a brand, especially for new businesses and individuals who need them fast. 


  • Choosing popular hashtags


Instagram and Twitter posts need hashtags that are high in popularity, but often brands opt to use lower-volume ones that use terms that are more focused. Keyhole and Hashtagify are tools that can assist in finding the right one.


  • Instagram stories and increased visibility


Attracting new followers can be achieved through Instagram Stories that appear on the Instagram explore tab. These can be found by other people on social media that are not in the immediate group of followers of the brand. Hashtags, geo-locations, and @mentions all increase the chances of stories going even further afield, especially the first two, because they appear on search results pages. @mentions allows stories to be re-posted by people and brands with a notification the profile that is mentioned. Live video also greatly increases visibility and followers. 


  • Engagement strategies


Authenticity is the best engagement strategy and the one that is more likely to increase audience numbers. One way that this is done is when similar Instagram accounts are followed, by engaging with their followers is one example of how brands can start attracting their own. However, this does take time to accomplish the bulk of numbers needed, but there are many other strategies that can be followed to increase followers. 

 FAMOID has one of the best strategies to grow real followers, helping new brands grow from zero to thousands in no time. 

A few more tips for getting more followers:

Firstly, metrics are the best social media strategy since they allow brands to understand what’s working and what to stop. 

Promotion across their various media channels is another tool that brands should use to grow their followers.

Partnerships between brands are known to work and they help give extra content for social media and follower growth. 

Lastly, Social ads increase visibility for content and profiles and can be run on all social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and FaceBook. Pinterest is also proving to be great for ads with its new ad network. 

Tools like FAMOID can help solve all social media challenges with instant services. It is game changer in digital marketing. They ensure an organic growth of followers and “likes” on all the important social media channels. 


Avi Ben Ezra
Avi Ben Ezra is a world-renowned researcher in AI, NLP and Chatbot technology. He is the CTO of a leading chatbot platform, with a solid track record of innovation in France, Israel he now provides global leadership in this field. At SnatchBot, he oversees all levels of integration, including a very exciting and innovative marketplace.