How Can Amazon SNS Make Your Life Easier?

A notification service for mobile that is flexible and thoroughly managed pub/sub messaging is known as Amazon Simple Notification Service or SNS. It is mainly used for the coordination of message delivery to the subscribing clients. It can be effectively used for sending messages to many subscribers. This includes distributed systems and services, as well as mobile devices. It can be reliably used at any scale for setting up, operating and sending notifications to the endpoints.

Only 3 APIs are needed to start using SNS n a few minutes using AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, or using the AWS SDK. The essential feature of SNS is that it removes the complexity and overhead that is encountered during the operation and management of this software and infrastructure.

There is no upfront cost associated with Amazon SNS pricing. It has the policy of taking payments as per the number of published notifications, the number of delivered notifications and the API calls made for management of the topics and subscriptions. The pricing for delivery depends on the type of endpoint. One can begin a trial with the SNS free trial without paying any price. N2WS uses the Amazon SNS pricing. In this pricing, it costs only $1.00 for sending 1 million push notifications and for broadcasting same messages to a large number of receivers using SNS topics, the price is even lower than $1.00. The SNS free tier lets the user send the first million push notifications free in every month, with only applicable data charges.

The benefits of SNS products are:

  1. Reliability is ensured by making redundant copies of the data across various servers and data centres after being published to Amazon SNS. This prevents loss of messages as all are
  2. Applications can publish any quantity of messages any time without any restriction because Amazon SNS is designed in a way to allow scalability of even the highly demanding applications.
  3. 3 Simple APIs can be used by developers to start using Amazon SNS, i.e. Create Topic, Subscribe, and Publish. Besides this, advanced functionality is ensured through the availability of additional APIs.
  4. Various apps and users on various devices can get the notifications through different ways such as Mobile Push notification, HTTP/HTTPS, SMS, AWS Lambda Functions Email/Email-JSON or Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS). This makes Amazon SNS is quite flexible.

5.The use of access control mechanism ensures protections of the messages against unapproved access. The owners of the topic can control who can subscribe or publish by setting up policies for the same. The encryption of the notifications can be ensured through the use of HTTPS delivery mechanism

5.The pay as you go pricing policy makes the SNS inexpensive for the users who need to pay only a small amount for sending messages via Amazon SNS on a per-request basis, notification delivery, and data transfer fees