Here’s a Look at Some Spy Text Apps

Everyone has the urge to spy someone’s text messages at least once in their lifetime—be it texts on your best friend’s phone, or spying on the text messages of your partner. Regardless of the reasons or the person whose phone you would like to spy on, there is a wide variety of apps available for the task. A spy text app is an application designed specifically to remotely access user data and messages.

Read at find out some of the best spy text apps and what they do.


mSpy is a very popular spy text app which has been around in the market for about a decade. This app has allowed thousands of people to gather text messages from almost every kind of mobile device available in the market.

This text spy app is loved for many reasons. Not only does it allow access to new text messages which were received by the phone or mobile device which you were spying, but it also lets you view text messages which have already been deleted. The app is able to retrieve any text messages; regardless of how old they are, as long as they were not overwritten. This feature has allowed many people to remotely access text messages which were up to twelve months old.

The app also comes with free support which means that people also have the facility of speaking to a representative of mSpy if they have any questions or queries regarding the app.

Auto Forward Spy

One of the best spying apps available for Android phones and tablets, Auto Forward Spy allows users to remotely access text messages even if the logs have been deleted! This app hosts a variety of features including call recording, capturing photos remotely, as well as spy on the browser history of the target phone.

Even though Auto Forward Spy is best known for its use on Android devices, it works flawlessly on iPhones as well. The app also allows users to detect the location of the target device at timed intervals through GPS and even record emails. Additionally, the app can also be used to track social media activity of the target device which makes it ideal for parents to keep an eye on what their teenager is sharing online.

There are also representatives readily available to answer any questions you might have regarding the app. Most people found the customer support very helpful.

Surepoint Spy

This is one of the most trusted applications used to spy someone’s text messages if they own an iPhone. The no-jailbreak feature of Surepoint Spy allows users to easily spy on iMessages without downloading or installing any additional software. The only thing you need to effortlessly access text messages is this spy text app, along with an internet connection.

Call logs and data from the user’s gallery are also accessible using Surepoint Spy. Despite the complexity of Apple devices, Surepoint Spy works flawlessly to grant you access to all of the data which is extracted. You can then view this data from your own computer or mobile device.

However, aside from these options, spy text apps like Text Message Spy work the best as they offer multiple features in one app.