Help Desk Software for Effective IT Management

Effective customer support is possible with the proper organization of Help Desk. Specialized software – Service Deck systems, will allow to automate the processing of applications and provide customers with prompt and quality support.

The work of service organizations is often closely linked to the processes of all departments of the enterprise. As a customers’ contact point with the company, Help Desk allows you to organize close interaction with users in the process of handling appeals. At the same time, specialists from different services and departments can be involved in the process of resolving the client’s issue.

The potential for creating an efficient service department can create business processes supported by special IT systems Help Desk.

Help Desk System to Automate the Operation of the Service Department

HelpDesk (Service Desk) are systems designed to automate the processing of customer requests. The basis of any system of this class is the system for managing queries: incidents, problems and changes.

bpm’online Help desk software.

The Bpm’online company product is for the organization of a single customer service center and internal units of the company. The key advantage of the system is the ability to use built-in reference business processes that correspond to the recommendations of the ITIL library. Help desk software allows you to automate processes, work with requests, incidents, problems, changes and releases.

Help desk software will simplify the process of managing the catalog of services, and will speed up the processing of appeals through consistent recommendations for the employees of the service – from the moment of registration to permission and closure.

The analytic block includes all the necessary metrics for assessing the level of service and making decisions to improve it. Help desk software can be flexibly configured and easily scaled. In addition, the system provides tools for modeling business processes, customization of graphs and totals, a CTI panel for making and receiving calls directly within the system.


A complex system for working with client requests. Includes a knowledge base, a self-service portal, chat rooms, a workflow system and application processing.

The main task of the system is to work with applications and orders, that is why the manufacturer has made it as convenient as possible: various options for displaying applications, filtering and sorting are available.


A service for processing client requests in all channels. Help Desk-system supports integration with e-mail services, all popular social networks and instant messengers, which allows you to serve customers in multichannel mode. Regardless of where the manager communicated with the client, after the completion of the dialog the request enters the system. Thus, the support service does not lose the history of communication with the client and can easily find it in case of repeated treatment.


A simple and convenient Service Desk-system for automation of accounting and processing of client applications. The system is compatible with ITIL and is available in both boxed and SaaS versions. The system is included in the register of domestic software, so it is suitable for use in government agencies and municipal institutions. Also, the manufacturer provides a mobile application that allows support managers to work with customers on the road.


An online customer support system that allows you to organize work with applications via email, social networks, instant messengers and online chat. The system includes a client forum where service consumers can leave their comments, ask support questions and track the status of their applications.