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Finer and better Options for the Instagram Following

Instagram marketing is therefore also “comment marketing ”   and with the recent closure of Instars , the most famous Instagram bot that commented and interacted with posts similar to those published by the company that used it, the age-old question of the automated management of comments is back in fashion. The comment marketing that is the digital marketing strategy that involves the monitoring of conversations and interaction, if carried out through the use of bots does not generate a real community, therefore it is always better to carry out a manual and customized activity of the ‘user.

In the common sense, in fact, the metropolis is a city that has at least one million inhabitants. But back to us, if the social media, still considered by many to be a “play for teenagers”, touches such high peaks, it means that there are many reasons why a company opens a profile on Instagram. So let’s see what the advantages are that the social media of photographs can offer to a brand. And of course you will have to increase the number of Instagram followers in the process. To buy real Instagram followers you can have a perfect deal now.

Instagram: a showcase for companies

Before talking about the reasons why a brand should integrate Instagram into the communication strategy, it is necessary to make it clear that the potential of this social network is to be found in two main factors:

the effectiveness of visual communication, so that the images, being more immediate and engaging, produce a communication that we could define as direct and that often manages to explain what through the texts may not reach the consumer.

  • The possibilities of relationship that the social makes available to users.
  • The habit of sharing and talking about one’s own experiences on social networks, creates a spontaneous story (visual storytelling ), made of images, which has a persuasive, consumer- proof ability . The latter, among other things, has recently redefined its role, moving from a passive subject to an active and participating user in the process of creating the value of products / services.

According to the blog of the same social media, over 400 million people use Instagram every day and of these 80% follow a company. It already seems a good reason to open a company profile on Instagram. Let’s see why the platform can be considered an important virtual showcase to be exploited.

The company earns visibility

Let’s think back to what we were saying about visual storytelling, on Instagram, users are led to tell their own shopping experiences, in an almost natural way, and this happens regardless of the presence of the brands on the social media, as Instagram’s authors claim. Communicate effectively with images. At this point it is a bit like doing 2 + 2, when creating interesting conversations around a product, the company that produces it gains visibility, and more.