Chatbots for event management: another industry disrupted


The industry standard will change forever in event management: thanks to sophisticated chatbot

There are currently many retail stores which are finding it increasingly harder to compete with online vendors. Many of them are now turning to conversational chatbots in order to compete more effectively. These artificial intelligence entities have the ability to communicate with the consumer on messaging platforms. Because of the power of messaging applications, this provides businesses and brands with the opportunity to instantly attend to the needs of the consumer. It may be something simple such as answering the questions of a curious consumer but it might also involve suggestions regarding products or services. There are many problems which are currently encountered by organizers of events. These people are now also looking for more effective ways to manage these situations which are encountered. They are now looking at a digital solution which involves AI chatbots which can be used to connect with thousands of people every day. Because of the power of artificial intelligence chatbots can be utilized as facilitators. They will be able to handle many of the current logistical aspects relating to your event. They will ensure better engagement with people on your guest list. All of this can be accomplished by making use of your meeting app.

Satisfying the curiosity of people

Depending on the particular topic of your event, many people will have a lot of questions regarding the event and its objectives. Making use of chatbots which is powered by artificial intelligence can allow these entities to conduct meaningful conversations. Regardless of what your attendees may need such as directions, the schedules of that meeting, the list of participating speakers and topics which has been chosen, a chatbot can deal with all of that. In the majority of cases, a fully programmed AI chatbot will be able to provide people with instant answers. This is resulting in a better experience for people on your guest list. This can also lead to increases in the number of people who will attend. Whenever a question is asked which is not in the databank of that chatbot it will simply redirect that person to a human counterpart. One of the most important successes relating to events will always be an organization. Everything has to happen according to a prearranged schedule. This is important to ensure that every guest speaker will know exactly when they are required. When everyone is keeping to the schedule there are no unnecessary disappointments or disruptions. You simply do not want a situation where people are walking into a session after the predetermined time. You certainly do not want this to happen to one of your guest speakers. Making use of chatbots can help to provide large numbers of people with agendas of the meeting. They can also provide things such as is a synopsis of each session as well as important information such as the profile of guest speakers. Your AI chatbot will even be able to send push notifications to all attendees before a session start.

Real-time communications

Even with the best-organized event, there are certain things which can never be predicted. It may be necessary to move a particular session to a different location. It might happen that one of your guest speakers might cancel because of personal problems or sickness. Those sessions might have to be canceled or postponed. Anyone familiar with event organization and management will know how it can be. It will require careful logistics and management to keep everything going in an orderly fashion. There are things such as agenda delays and many other problems which will have to be handled by event organizers. It is important to immediately communicate all changes in the program to your guests as soon as possible. People live busy lives and they do not want to be inconvenienced. They do not want to turn up for a session which has been canceled at the last minute. It is also possible that they are attending because of the participation of a particular guest speaker. This is why they can be very disappointed when changes are made of which they were not aware. This is why event managers and organizers can benefit from the use of chatbots. These artificial intelligence entities can help you to better manage your communication plan. Chatbots will make it possible to quickly and easily alert all attendees when last-minute changes are made. This can help to keep all people updated at all times and they can also prevent criticism and bad publicity.

The importance of attendee feedback

Measuring the success of any event is very important because it can help to attract even more attendees to the next event. When your event is ending, hopefully, all of the questions of your guests have been answered. Now is the time to focus on your own questions. This is why post-event surveys are very important to acquire valuable feedback from all of those event attendees. You need to know which speakers were popular and which ones were not. You might also want to receive some feedback about your venue. This can provide you with information when the next venue is organized. You may need a larger or better venue in order to increase the satisfaction of attendee’s. The more information which is collected the better will be the chances of organizing a more successful event next time. Event organizers used to collect feedback by making use of email. This is now known to be largely unsuccessful. Less than 20% of emails are opened and therefore your feedback may be very poor. A large portion of those emails will end up in the spam folder. This is why it is better to send a personalized message by making use of your chatbot. This is a more effective way to ensure the participation of guests. There are a few basic guidelines such as to ensure that your survey is always short and concise. Longer conversations might reveal the limitations of your chatbot. It can happen that questions are asked which cannot be answered by your chatbot.


Yes, the American workforce will change forever due to AI disruption – and we will see how this can make the world a better place, soon. Event management is just one of many industries that will benefit.

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