Benefits of GeoFencing as the reasons we need the strategy

Have you entered your car after work when an instant traffic report for the road to your home suddenly appears on your phone? If this is not a phenomenon that you have experienced yet, look for useful applications like these and many others to start showing up on your mobile device from nowhere.

If you are a small business owner, you need to get on board with this marvel of marketing right away. It is an easy, accessible and economical solution to attract your customers and grow your profitability and it’s called geofencing. Honestly, this app works with some of the radar principles.

Why should you adopt a geofencing marketing approach?

First of all, with any new and emerging technology, it is necessary to see the evidence to support the hype. Data drives decisions, and in this case, the numbers speak a lot. Data tells everything.

– 60% of consumers look for local information on their mobile devices.
– 40% of consumers seek information while on the move.
– 70% of consumers are willing to share their location with you to get something in return.
– Secondary Action Rates – which means that people visit a store or take some additional action after viewing an ad – are more than 2 times more likely to occur with location-based marketing.

– There are two services that receive the highest secondary action rates; commercial and home services.

What you can actually do in using this geofencing technology?

In fact, you can use many forms of geofencing and the first step is to download the Local Beacons mobile application that supports this technology. From there, the possibilities are endless. It is enough to see what innovative steps are being taken within the companies that have started to use geofencing. You can learn from their experiences and apply them on your business field.

North Face uses Geofencing to drive sales with creative alerts: It is a good sample

North Face is one of the great weapons when it comes to outdoor clothing. One of the reasons why the brand is so successful is because it is not afraid to experiment with the new technology. The company is one of innovative companies you can learn from.

The company recently experimented with geofencing as a means to attract customers to their stores by using push notifications about the weather. Their geofendas alerts based on the climate have been quite successful. The company has a 79% increase in visits from customers who receive alerts, and 65% of those customers make purchases. There is much you can learn from the North Face marketing team, even if your business is on a much smaller scale. First of all, studies suggest that when a user is not surfing the web on their phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of the time of smartphones with applications.

Pay attention to how the big guys are playing the mobile game: there’s a lot to learn, and in a digital world, your small business can compete. Most importantly, do not ignore a powerful resource because you do not understand it, learn what is new and learn how to apply it to your business.

Experience is the best teacher but we can not get all the experience needed. It would be better for us if we use other people / companies experience that has proven successful to be applied to our business. To apply a proper geofencing strategy, it is important for us to use the right radar-based platform. The best platform is the one able to use in any of possible cases.