Basic SEO Necessities in a Long Article

SEO is the new norm when it comes to marketing and advertising for your business and services. Even since the ushering in of the digital era, the conventional marketing strategies have been supplanted with the new and more precise form of marketing i.e., digital marketing. Today, there is a monumental increase in the number of companies adopting SEO in marketing.

Since digital marketing allows you to target your audience in a more precise fashion, you save a lot of money by showcasing the advertisement only to those customers who are in a need of your services. There are also a lot of options available like goal targeting and tracking when it comes to digital marketing.

SEO is the key to digital marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is the algorithm based on which the search engine ranks the pages on the Search engine result page. Since the competition on the first page of the search result is very brutal, you should hire an expert to execute your SEO strategy.

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Long-form blog post

One of the best ways to make your webpage stand out from the rest of the competitors is to create long-form quality content. If executed in the right way, you can generate huge traffic on the page and this may engender thousands of followers. However, this is easier said than done. Just because you have long content doesn’t mean that you will get followers.

Here is a list of the basic criterion for the success of long-form content-

1- Keyword research- finding the best keyword on the topic is crucial for the best quality content. You must ensure that the keywords are specific to your topic and you can also go for the lower competition keywords.

2- Long-tail keywords- using focus keywords for long article is not enough. You must also include long-tail keywords, which are super-specific.

3- Get the perfect H1 tag- the title or the h1 tag is the first thing that someone sees on your webpage. You must ensure that the H1 tag is between 20 and 70 characters, has a long tail keyword and gives a clear idea to the user upon bare reading.


Long articles are a good way to go about generating good size of traffic, but there are more considerations to take care of in long articles.