Artificial Intelligence based on Blockchain-Technology

German Startup wants to make the Decisions of AI-Systems understandable by using Blockchain-Technology. The Team of 7 Researchers has developed this completely unique Research Approach and could be successful.

The term AI is used to summarize different sub-disciplines of IT data processing. In general, the term AI means processes such as machine learning, statistics and AI research that construct intelligent machines. Even though the term AI can be broken down into the various sub-aspects of machine learning, this does not change the basic message that no current machine system is able to plan and understand proactively. However, there are still problems with the decisions made by AI systems. How can these decisions be made visible and how are the processes presented? The most precise AI research of our time is in the field of brain simulation, also called neuromorphic computing. The Munich startup would like to develop a new research approach in this field and give AI systems the component of trust by using blockchain technology. The simulated neural networks and neuromorphic computing processes are documented based on a blockchain and stored in a comprehensible manner. As a result, the decision-making processes of AI systems can be documented and analyzed.

The 7 researchers, led by Michael Brandt, will advance the field of neuromorphic computing research in the coming years and will actively use blockchain for the first time. Neuromorphic engineering research and neurorobotics are also located in this field. Brain-inspired robotics or neurorobotics are robots whose control structures were designed based on the knowledge of neuroscience. These include learnable robots that use artificial neural networks. Neurorobotics is a highly topical research area with diverse application potential. Michael Brandt says: “The blockchain-based neuromorphic computing approaches will offer us completely new development opportunities for AI systems”. The startup wants to fund the research and development of the systems with the help of investments as a smart contract. The token NMP developed for this purpose is also to be used for a planned decentralized market platform application (DApp), which will act as an interface between research institutions and technology companies. Brandt is confident and says: “We hope that the European Union will support us with research funds”. The next few years will show whether the startup will revolutionize neuromorphic computing and AI research.

Mahendra T
Mahendra T works for Indium software as a Senior Test Engineer and has an overall 4+ years of experience in the field of Security Testing. He is an expert in Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing and worked on different security testing tools like Burp suite, OWASP ZAP, Wireshark, Nessus, OpenVAS, Kali Linux distributed tools.