A Review On How To Train The Right Call Center Operators for Your Company Brought To You By Level 770

You have just hired your own call center personnel to handle your incoming calls and customers issues for your company. Seems easy, right? Not really. There are rules and training you must abide by to ensure you continue with your solid customer service experiences, according to those who work at Level 770.

1) Give them an introduction. This is the first step, according to Level770. Your staff wants to put a name to a face. How can they when all the know is the “jenny” has just been hired to the firm to handle customer issues? Introduce them to the team and tell them where they will be working. Let your staff know what issues each call center person will handle. This way they will know where to send the customers to and when.

2) According to Level770, you need to educate your call center people on every aspect of your business. How can they do the job properly otherwise? Give them a training session where you go over every inch of the business and what you stand for. This way you will ensure each operator handles their job in concert with your mission and values. Make sure they are on board with what you are doing right away. It is better to offer them an alternative. They can either accept it or show them the door. More companies need to do this. It will limit the number of bad apples that get hired on initially.

3) Seek out your top call center agents at the beginning. Encourage them to become better at what they do. Set the bar high for those who come in afterward. Sometimes you need to split up the pack. The top players need to be singled out for the good of the company. This way they can train others. The more trust you put in your top players, the more valued they will feel within the company.

4) Teach your call center agents proper etiquette. There is a proper way of dealing with customer complaints, even the bad ones. There are certain things you do not say to a customer. More bosses need to take the initiative on this branch of training. Some operators are not taught the proper protocol. This lies at the doorstep fo the boss. The more your staff knows the better they will do.

5) Teach your agents to answer their questions on their own. It is o.k to ask questions. What you do not want is someone who is completely dependent on you. You hired them for a reason. You hired them because they have the skills. Teach them to use the skills and how to find the answers they need.

6) Some like to do group training. This is not always a good thing. More people need individual training. I have been through group training. Some companies do not handle it well at all. Sending an agent into the pool after 15 minutes of a company briefing is not going to cut it. You need to give more to get more.

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