13 SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

SEO practices are a must for small businesses to succeed and grow in this technologically-dependent world. Today, if your business cannot be found online you are basically invisible to 90% of your target market. However, the problem with SEO marketing is the saturation of online businesses which results in equal invisibility, but with a price tag.

Of course, hiring a Virginia SEO company will significantly increase your online success, but before investing in their services here are 13 quick and easy tips worth trying:

  1. Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

If you have not considered upgrading to a mobile-friendly website you are missing out on thousands of potential customers. Most customers do their searches using a mobile phone, your small business must cater to this or risk losing their business because your website is difficult to navigate through.

  1. Do An Extensive Keyword Research

Learn more about the best keywords to use for your brand by doing some research. You can effectively boost your visibility while also ensuring your brand is recognized.

  1. Get To Know Your Niche Market

Exert effort to capture and establish yourself within your online niche market. Understand their needs and what they want so that you can stay updated and offer goods and services they are looking for. Your niche market can make or break your small business, so prioritize them.

  1. Claim A Physical Address On Google Maps

Claim your address on Google Maps to add to your legitimacy and credibility. Plus, when you are found on Google Maps your establishment becomes easier to locate and visit!

  1. Set Up A Blog

Blogging is not dead. In fact, the more high-quality content you publish, the better your SEO ranking becomes. Boost your visibility and acquire a loyal following by publishing articles that are captivating and interesting.

  1. Strive To Be An Authority On A Specific Topic

An authority means that you are the go-to expert for a certain topic. You can do this by publishing articles, creating a definitions page, or even publishing how to videos online. When you are an established authority on a topic more online searches will be directed to your website.

  1. Stay Updated On Online Trends

Keep tabs on the latest trends and join in on the fun. As long as you stay relevant and fresh, your target audience will keep tuning in.

  1. Start Social Media Accounts

Make your small business visible by creating social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all very helpful, especially when your target market is the younger generation.

  1. Welcome Customer Reviews

Whether the reviews are left on your website, on Google Maps, Yelp, or on Facebook they will help your small business in some way. Small businesses that encourage customer reviews are more popular with potential customers than those that do not have any reviews.

  1. Use Optimized Images

Google will rank your website higher if you use high-quality images rather than low-res ones. Plus, potential customers prefer seeing optimized images on website because they are more appealing and helpful.

  1. Invest In PPC

Pay per click campaigns are a great way to reach your online target market without going over budget. Best of all, the clicks you get are high-quality from people who are specifically looking to make a purchase instead of just browsing through.

  1. Provide Product Descriptions

Your customers want to know more about your products and services. Make it easier for them by providing a detailed, but simple description.

  1. Hire An SEO Team

A Virgina SEO specialist like has all the tools and knowledge to help your small business succeed in the online world. Work with the expert to increase your chances of getting recognized before your competition can get ahead.
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