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Top 10 tools for twitter marketing to Unfollow the Non-Followers

indexWe all know that twitter is one of the great social marketing platforms and if we use it appropriately than we can attract lots of visitors to our website or blog. When twitter was first launched it is quite difficult to understand for new users and we were not able to properly utilize this great marketing tool. But now as we are quite familiar with twitter, we surely can attract big audience towards our blog and can make full use of it. As previously we don’t know who follow us for a particular time and as soon as we follow him back, that users unfollow us and unfortunately we were not able to see who unfollow us. Also we were not able to know who are inactive users and following us. As those inactive users are of no value to our twitter account.

But now as twitter is becoming more popular, therefore there are various tools also available to get complete statistics about twitter platform. Today in this blog post I will be sharing a top 10 list of tools which you can utilize to track twitter profiles which are not following you and you are following them. So, if those users are not useful for you and their tweets are of no value for you than there is no question about why you follow them

Here is the list of Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tools to Track Unfollowers:

  • Tweepi do have many fruitful features that help you to keep tracking the statistics about your twitter account followers. One of the features to track non-followers is of Geeky Flush. As the name suggests, it will flush away the twitter profiles that are not following you back. This is the simplest of the tools available as you can have the list of unfollowers in front of you and you can too unfollow them one by one.
  • Another famous tool to unfollow the non-followers is Mange flitter. It has a quite user friendly dashboard from where you can select multiple twitter accounts and with one click you can unfollow all of them. Apart from it, Mange flitter has other great features to track your twitter account such as it helps to find fake followers, most talkative twitter followers, who retweet your tweets etc. Best of all, it is free and I strongly feel you would feel happy using this tool.
  • Followfilter, another twitter marketing tool which not only offer the feature of finding your unfollowers but also other handful features which you would love to use. It can also provide you a sorted list of many twitter activities. Also with the help of this tool you can find the people who are inactive on twitter.
  • Next on the list is the Twitter Karma. It is one of the amazing tools which not only remove twitter users who are not following you but also automatically follows those people who are following you. Using this tool you can easily follow or unfollow any of the twitter users within seconds.
  • Justunfollow works as similar to those tools as mentioned above. It can provide you a list of the unfollowers from where you can unfollow any or all of the twitter users. Also from this tool you can track the statistics of the followers as well.
  • Friendorfollow has a very simple and easy to use dashboard and one can easily track the information about their unfollowers. It too can provide you the list of unfollowers and you can unfollow them as well in bulk. It is a great tool and saves your lot of time.
  • as the name suggests help to find out the twitter profiles that are not following you and also you can unfollow them in bulk if you want. With the help of this tool you can also schedule your tweets on a particular time, manage your direct messages, your followers, design of your twitter account etc.
  • Goodbye Buddy, another tool to know who unfollows you. It will update you within 24 hours the list of unfollowers and you can also see who are following you with the help of this tool.
  • It is an amazing twitter app that can generate targeted traffic to your twitter account. Best of all its available free. Also the paid version of this app is available to make more of this useful application. With the help of this twitter app you can schedule your tweets, track the list of followers and unfollowers, shortening the URL within tweets, secured twitter access therefore no specific password required.
  • It is another application for twitter from which you can easily the track the statics of your twitter account. You can track who is following you and who are not, you can make a list to exclude specific users, can check historical data of your twitter account, also some keyboard cuts are there to follow or unfollow.

Final Thoughts

It is really a great idea to know about who are following you and who are not, whose tweets are valuable for your and whose not, why you follow others, who retweet your tweets, who reply to your tweets and who visit your twitter profile again and again, who are active users and who are non-active. Your twitter marketing efforts will be successful only if you properly analyze all those things otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. With the help of the tools mention in this blog post you can nearly analyze all of these things and can make a successful twitter marketing campaign.

As far as my research is concerned I have carefully examine these tools. If anyone of you already using any of the above tool then don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box below. It further helps our readers to know which tool is better for them from which perspective.

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