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Published On March 1, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Technology

From earliest childhood and forever onward through the rest of our lives, memory is the key to everything we learn and everything we become. Memory is the key to our continuity as a race – we remember our parents and grandparents who remember their parents and grandparents and so on.  That ability is what enables us to keep our history alive and continue even after we are gone.  Our childhood memories often bring us the most joy and comfort in hard times.  They also foster what we do with our own children.  But, that is not all memory enables us to do.

We learn everything in school through various memorization techniques. Whether it is writing our spelling words three times each every week or quizzing each other on the state capitals or doing the same basic equations over and over again, we are taught spelling and geography and math through memorization.

When we join the working world, we are given a whole new set of skills to learn through memorization techniques.  In this case though, the technique tends to be repetition.  We start a job in fast food and we are kept at one station for several shifts before we are moved to the next station – that is because repeating the same task over a period of time makes it sink in and stick with us.  Only after we have mastered the first station are we allowed to move on to the next.

Even after our early days as children and young adults, we must continue to use our memories for all sorts of different things.  As parents and professionals, we must remember all kinds of things – appointments, birthdays, our lunches and our children’s lunches, different tasks and errands we need to run, what we need to pull from the freezer to make dinner.  As fully grown people with all sorts of adult responsibilities, we have an awful lot to keep track of!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some simple way to make it easier to keep track of life?   It would be even better if that simple way to keep track of life was fun too!

Thankfully, there are ways for adults and children to improve their memories and have fun doing it!  Memory training online is a fun way to learn new memorization techniques and strengthen our best asset – our memory!  Not only does memory training with a site like  

help us during the busiest times in our lives – getting through school, balancing family and career, etcetera – it has also been proven many times over that memory training can show marked improvement in people that suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Enough memory training can even slow down the onset of illnesses such as these, enabling us to live fuller, happier lives for longer.

For improving a student’s performance at school or improving an employee’s performance on the job, for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia, or all around improving life, there is no better way than memory training online!

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